Vandoren Glass Reed ResurfacerI find too often I am making a saxophone reed adjustment.  I could have just purchased a new box of Hemke Reeds and 3 out of 5 of them I discard because they are just not fit for my use!

I purchased and traveled with the Vandoren Glass Reed Resurfacer.  When I first saw a demonstration of how it worked, I knew I needed it as  it can make any reed playable (cheap or good reed).  Even more pricey reeds aren’t always playable out of the box as they are not completely flat on your mouthpiece where it meets due to air pockets affecting the sound.  Sanding it down ensures a seal, making it playable.  Watch the video below to see how it’s used with the accompanying saxophone reed knife.


In a nutshell here’s what I thing about this product:


  • portable
  • makes any reed, cheep or pricey, usable and to one’s liking
  • preparation of reeds made easier prior to a gig


  • sanding takes time and may require two or three tries
  • prefer plastic covered reeds over having to sand using the resurfacer

Though I currently use plastic covered reed, I still recommend this product.  To make a purchase on Amazon, click here.


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