Christ Gabrielle Faison

Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel had a fabulous live band music performance July 24th at The Calico Room in downtown Wilmington, N.C.

The “Jazzpel” brand was in full effect as the song selection included The Anthem recorded by such great Gospel artists as The Planet Shakers, Todd Dulaney, and William Murphy.  Isn’t She Lovely and Lost Without You were also among the lineup of songs that had the crowd engaged and loving it!

Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel

One noticeable difference from The Calico Room concert July 11th and this was the accompaniment of the most talented violinist Christa Faison.  Christa has an impressive vitae as she plays violin for the Wilmington Symphony, a New Hanover County Schools music teacher, and is a minister of music.  Wow!

Faison made a good thing better as she and Murrill both have a way of making their instuments sing melody, not to mention Jazzpel musicians.  Christa’s radiant stage presence is captivating alone, but once she strings you cannot help but cry out for more!

You can see Christa featured with Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel again at the August 29th Gospel Jazz Concert.  Be sure to attend Theater Now August 15th as Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel will be performing (see flyer for details)!

flyer 3

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