Darryl Murrill

Darryl Murrill, saxophonist sensation, can be heard on iHeart Radio any time!   Love, God, & Sax CD is the only project featured on iHeart, but will soon be joined by an upcoming, new release from Murrill!

Love, God, & Sax is an original, 10 track feature of Smooth Jazz and Gospel with an instrumental presentation.  The album was inspired by the things Darryl holds dearest: his faith in God, his family, and, of course, his saxophones.

iHeart Radio does not provide you Darryl Murrill Radio without other artists being played in conjunction or without advertisements.  Other great artists playing on Darryl Murrill’s station include Michael “Patches” Stewart, Mel Holder, Steve Laury, and more.  To hear Darryl Murrill’s music uninterrupted, purchase here!

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