Hercules Saxophone Stand Review
Hercules DS533BB Alto/Tenor Sax+1 SOP SX ST w/Bag

When playing the saxophone, there comes a time when you must rest your chops, take a bathroom break, socialize etcetera.  Saxophonist who care for their instrument invest in a proper stand to secure the horn even in instances of walking away.  I have been using the Hercules alto/tenor stand with a soprano attachment (pictured to the right).

These saxophone stands are durable enough to hold two of my saxophones at once!  I have had my soprano hoisted and my tenor resting on this stand or my soprano and alto with ease.  These stands have not let me down!

My two Hercules Saxophone Stands





Hercules Travlite Saxophone Stands Fit in the Bell

Hercules Travlite Tenor Sax Stand
Hercules DS432B manufactured Tenor Sax Stand

Fit in Saxophone Bell Tenor Sax Stand








This year I decided to try a new type of saxophone stand that is also made by Hercules.  I got wind of a Hercules brand saxophone stand that fits in the bell of the saxophone!  I placed my order and here’s what I think.


  • fit in the bell of the saxophone
  • less to carry when traveling
  • trusted brand manufactured


  • not as durable as my other Hercules saxophone stands ( a little shaky)

I wrote in my previous post about the possible hardships of travel as a musician.  These Travlite saxophone stands eliminate the need to bag my stands and tuck them somewhere.  They actually fit snug within the bell of my saxophone.  I have purchased both the alto and tenor.  Though they are shakier than I would like them, I plan on purchasing a Hercules Soprano Travlite stand soon!

I recommend these products to any saxophonist wanting to take a break and put their sax down safely.

To order your Hercules Saxophone Stands visit, Amazon (affiliate links included throughout post).

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