Disclaimer:  Though I have attained many heights as a professional saxophone player, I admit there is  a learning curve to playing  Akai EWI!   Below I show the unboxing of my Akai Professional EWI USB.

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  • First Impression?

nice, keys don’t pop up, air flow different

  • Feel?


  • Compare it to a saxophone.

no palm or side keys, no reed, no register key

  • Brand?


  • Brand comparison?

looks to have more to offer than yamahas version, but Yamaha is closer to the advantages of having the Ewi 4000, but Ewi 4000 better product

  • Learning curve?

the octave rollers, not as natural of a feel, and you have to remember where you are in range to get desired results

  • Desires?

move up to the 5000, and do talk box with it as well

  • Aspirations?

to play just as well as sax, be able to do horn lines and aux lines

Major inspirations for my for falling for this creative wind controller are below: Mike Phillips, Quamon Fowler, and Marcus Anderson.

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