Darryl Donnell Murrill
Darryl Donnell Murrill

Darryl Donnell Murrill should be considered as a saxophonist with extraordinary ability! He truly has the wherewithal to make the saxophone sing with a unique flare rooted in Gospel and with much Jazz influence. Furthermore, Darryl’s sound can be described as a smoother, yet soulful sound, set apart by God to bring sound satisfaction.  Darryl is a singer, producer, songwriter, plays more than five different instruments, and is owner of Ablaze Sound Productions; sound production studio.  Whether accompanied by a full band or musical tracks, Darryl tantalizes with his saxophone sound and melodic measures of syncopation, vibrato, and range of note selection.  Darryl endeavors to make music that enriches listeners spiritually and to present a positive music experience to allow them to enjoy themselves as well.

Winter 2012 brought an added touch of versatility and professionalism to Darryl’s Crop1repertoire in that he was so blessed to surround himself with a talented and most dynamic group of gentlemen known now  as Jazzpel.  Jazzpel brings life to the fusion of the music genres of smooth jazz and gospel.  The group is composed of real men who love God and love to play good music.


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  1. Hi Darryl,

    I saw your incredible cover of Lets Stay Together on youtube. I hope to play this at my wedding this year and was wondering whether you have the sheet music or could let me know where to find a similar version to yours.

    Really, really well played, i was very taken by the music that you played. If only i could play as good as you!
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Good evening, Patrick. I believe I responded to you on a YouTube video several weeks ago. In case, I am mistaken. I plan on covering notes (not necessarily sheet music) in an upcoming video. I will keep you posted! Thank you. -Darryl

  2. Hey Darryl,
    It was great meeting you yesterday for the ‘Celebration of Life’ for my Uncle Marvin, in Rose Hill! Please add my email to your list, as I would like to attend your concerts.
    I am not sure how to order from this site but I’d like to buy a CD of your music.
    God bless you and your family,
    Cris Johnson Davis

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